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Friendly Fire Book

Look for my book, "Friendly Fire: Why Vets Are Ditching Pills and Lighting Up to Treat PTSD" coming out this Fall. 


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Dr. Hart is available for consulting and advising across various aspects of medical cannabis.

Dr. Mike is not only a visionary in the field of cannabis and PTSD research, but he's a truly compassionate individual who cares deeply about his patients.

Jeremy Kossen
Writer / Journalist


Friendly Fire: The Book

Overcome PTSD

Not only will you learn if medical cannabis is a viable option, but gain practical coping skills and techniques to help you or a loved one overcome the physical and emotional symptoms of trauma.

Hands-On Healing Tools

Included in the book are worksheets, checklists, and exercises to help you start feeling better and begin your journey on the road to recovery.

Post-Traumatic Growth

Learn breakthrough and transformative skills to realize tremendous personal growth that will enable you to live life to the fullest and help others who've had similar experiences.


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Cannabis For PTSD

In just Canada, there are 15000 veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Through my work with patients, I've been able to help over 500 of them. We have a lot of work left to do, but we're not going to stop until all 15000 have had the option to integrate cannabis into their treatment protocol. When that day comes, we can tip our hat and say 'we've done our best.

How Cannabis Helps Veterans

Research suggests cannabis can help alleviate PTSD by removing associations to painful memories. Because many PTSD patients have flashbacks when they smell, hear or see something associated with the traumatic event that caused the PTSD, extinguishing painful memories is key therapeutic pathway for healing.

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