Dr. Hart’s 30 Health Tips for Health & Happiness

By Mike Hart | well-being

Surround Yourself With Those On The Same Mission as You 

  1. Spend time with positive people who are on the same mission as you.
  2. Develop a morning routine that sets you up for the day.
  3. Say “no” more often. Control your own life.
  4. Exercise at least 6 days a week.
  5. Do not smoke cigarettes. If you smoke, work on quitting.
  6. Only drink alcohol socially and responsibly.
  7. Avoid processed foods and ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  8. Never cook with vegetable oil. Use coconut oil.
  9. Drink lots of water. Half your bodyweight in ounces daily.
  10. Lift heavy in the gym. Reach your full genetic potential. You owe it to yourself.
  11. Prioritize sleep. Shoot for 8 hours a night.
  12. Develop a nighttime routine before you sleep to quiet the mind.
  13. Use “airplane mode” on your phone more often.
  14. Check your e-mail less often.
  15. Delete Facebook from your phone right now.
  16. Read books. Aim for 1-2 month.
  17. Go outside more often. Train outside when you can.
  18. Be grateful every time you eat. Avoid eating alone when possible.
  19. Do not complain. Take action.
  20. Treat other people how you want to be treated.
  21. Invest in yourself first.
  22. Play one team sport (or be part of some type of team/committee).
  23. Give back whenever you can.
  24. Listen to music that lifts your spirits.
  25. Do not text and drive.
  26. Meditate.
  27. Be fully present with your lover. Show lots of love and affection.
  28. See struggle as an opportunity to grow.
  29. Celebrate small victories.
  30. Do not worry about the past. Focus on what’s important right now.

About the Author

Mike Hart is a London, Ontario-based physician, specializing in post traumatic stress. Dr. Hart works with veterans and others to help them overcome PTSD. Mike has one central theme: "Create the Life You Deserve". Shunning the typical paths of over-medication and reactive, traditional treatments, he focuses patients on education, lifestyle design and heightened health awareness. A supporter of medicinal marijuana, Mike was the first physician in London, Ontario to open a marijuana medicinal facility. He believes that medical marijuana is an effective treatment plan with an excellent safety profile, which he has successfully utilized to alleviate chronic pain, migraines, mental health disorders, epilepsy and other medical conditions for his patients.

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Monique S. October 1, 2016

I love this Dr. Hart. It’s on my fridge!

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