The Documentary: “Grass Fed”


In the Fall of 2014, Dr. Hart was filmed as part of the documentary, Grass Fed, directed by Ezra Soiferman ( and produced by Muse Entertainment ( in association with the CBC’s Documentary Channel. Dr. Hart appears in several scenes in the 81-minute film prescribing medical cannabis to Montreal actor & comedian -- Mike Paterson ( -- via online web-cam.

In the movie, Paterson uses medical cannabis and makes significant lifestyle changes to help treat his debilitating back pain and turn his health around in time for his wedding.

Over the course of filming the movie, Paterson loses nearly 50 pounds while reducing his chronic pain to very manageable levels. Grass Fed aired on the CBC Documentary Channel in November 2015 and is now available on iTunes Canada and USA. Search for it in the iTunes ‘TV Shows’ section.

You can watch the trailer and read more about the film here: Grass Fed Documentary Trailer