Weeding out
the stigma.

Dr Hart’s primary focus has shifted to correcting the medical cannabis educational gap which exists in the medical community.

Weeding out the Stigma

Dr. Hart was the first physician in London, Ontario
to open a “cannabis clinic”

Building on the success he’s had with treating patients, Dr. Hart founded and opened ReadyToGo Clinic in 2016.

While Dr. Hart continues to treat patients, his primary focus has shifted to correcting the medical cannabis educational gap which exists in the medical community. Dr. Hart has been the keynote speaker for several (CME) Continuing Medical Education events throughout Ontario.

Medicinal Cannabis 2 Dr. Mike Hart, MD

Medicinal Cannabis 3 Dr. Mike Hart, MD

His outspoken stance on medicinal marijuana has landed him on a variety of media outlets. He has discussed the uses of medicinal marijuana on CTV news, Rogers TV, CBC national radio and the Toronto Star. He has also appeared on several podcasts; including the Paleo Solution podcast with Robb Wolf.

PMC’s Mission Statement

Dr. Hart is also a member of PMC (Practitioners for Medicinal Marijuana). PMC is a network of affiliated specialists and general practitioners committed to best possible patient care, including the informed use of cannabis and cannabis-derived medicines.

Medicinal Cannabis 4 Dr. Mike Hart, MD

An invaluable alternative to many commonly prescribed drugs.

Scientific facts

There is a growing body of scientific evidence regarding the medicinal use of cannabis that describes the biochemistry and physiology of cannabinoid interactions, attests to the clinical benefits of cannabis in a variety of medical conditions, and indicates a wide safety profile. The collective clinical experience of the participants of PMC provides further compelling empirical evidence of the positive impact of cannabis on the quality of life of many patients whose severe or disabling symptoms are not sufficiently helped by more conventional treatments. PMC fosters professional awareness of all aspects of cannabis in patient care.

Medicinal Cannabis 5 Dr. Mike Hart, MD

Medicinal Cannabis 6 Dr. Mike Hart, MD

Vets & PTSD

Many veterans are reporting excellent relief with Cannabis. In fact, a recent investigation from Veterans Affairs discovered that veterans who began using cannabis had a 17% reduction in Opioid use and a 30% reduction in Benzodiazepine use.

Dr. Hart has extensive experience working exclusively with veterans. Dr. Hart primarily uses cannabis to treat PTSD along with other health care treatments.

Dr. Hart believes that particularly for veterans with PTSD, cannabis can be highly effective, but only if the veteran is also willing to work. The message Dr. Hart gives his patients is: “Cannabis works, but only if you do, too”.
Medicinal Cannabis 7 Dr. Mike Hart, MD

Is the Cannabis a viable treatment for PTSD?

In this FREE Ebook, you will find different tools and techniques to help you overcome PTSD. These are time tested tools that have been proven to be effective and safe. While some pharmaceuticals can play a role in treating PTSD, this FREE Ebook focuses solely on cannabis and lifestyle changes.


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